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August 2005
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#  Big Two

I recently discovered that Three Rings Design, the makers of the Java-based puzzle MMORPG Puzzle Pirates, have open-sourced their entire game framework! Moreover, they are providing free hosting for all third-party games created with the framework at Game Gardens.

So, I brushed off some old Windows GDI C++ code for a game that I never finished, and started porting. One (long) weekend later, and Big Two was done. Among other things, the Narya framework provides lobby handling, networking, and sprite animation, so I really only needed to concentrate on the Big Two-specific game logic and custom UI bits.

Game Gardens is currently a little lacking in terms of players. Hopefully that will improve as the number of quality games grows. In the meantime some of the games (including Big Two) have bots so you can play even if no one is around.

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