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#  blojsom Permalink Filter

Since Dave mentioned my blojsom permalink servlet filter thingie a few times, I thought I should make it available--get it here. Unfortunately I've been working toward a deadline, so I haven't even had a chance to upgrade to 1.8. For a while there I was running straight off CVS head, but now I'm afraid something will break and I won't have the time to fix it [Emoticon].

I have a bunch of things ready and waiting for when some free time opens up, most of them CGLIB related:

  • Write about CGLIB's implementation of C# "delegates", and their history.
  • Write about (and document) the ParallelSorter class, for efficiently sorting parallel arrays in tandem.
  • Write about the Delegator class, for combining multiple objects into one.
  • Patch Mock Objects using to provide Dynamic Mock support for any class, not just interfaces.
  • Patch Jakarta BeanUtils to eliminate all use of reflection, which should speed things up a lot.
  • Write a version of the JSTL EL that is compiled down to bytecode, instead of interpreted.

Plus a bunch of FreeMarker enhancements, upgrading my box to Gentoo, etc. I'm pessimistic, given my lack of time for even blogging, but I guess it helps to aim high.

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