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#  Fun with macros

In a bunch of the mailing lists and blogs I read, I've noticed a lot of talk recently about using Velocity as an alternative to JSP. This is a little surprising to me, but only because it's hard for me to believe that anybody still uses JSP [Emoticon].

I'll try to lay off the advocacy in the future, but if you (or your company) are evaluating the use of Velocity, I recommend that you take a look at FreeMarker. In particular, the new macro support in version 2.2 is very powerful. Velocity had Mark jumping though some hoops to implement calendar support in blojsom, but the FreeMarker implementation is relatively straightforward.

On that note, the year above my calendar is now hyperlinked (or click here). I've made the template that generates this page available here. Hopefully this gives a taste of the possibilities.

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