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#  Hacking blojsom

Slowly but surely my copy of blojsom is mutating to fit my personal style. The blojsom code is simple enough that it becomes tempting to go crazy implementing my every whim. Hopefully in the long run some of my improvements/perversions will be sufficiently popular to make it into the blojsom source and reduce my current CVS merging headaches:

  • Made the permalinks look like normal files, e.g. this instead of this. Currently accomplished via a servlet filter that just rewrites the URL to the normal blojsom style.
  • Changed the comment flow. Now comments are always displayed for permalinks. The comments entry form itself has been moved to a separate page, and after submitting a comment you're taken back to the permalinked version.
  • Split the calendar filtering plugin into three plugins--year, month, and day. The year plugin is used for my previously mentioned yearly flavor, and the calendar GUI plugin is sandwiched between the month and day filters. This setup keeps each day of the monthly calendar clickable even after you've selected a particular day (there is still a similar issue with permalinks, though).

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