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#  Java PowerPoint library available

I've been meaning to start blogging again for a while now, so to kick off the new year with a bang I'd like to announce the availability of a Java PowerPoint Library.

The library supports both reading and manipulation of documents. This allows for some powerful uses, such as plugging in calculated values into a existing template by modifying the text or drawing itself. Some of the capabilities can be seen in use in the two online demos here and here.

Features include:

  • Cut/copy/paste shapes, groups, or entire slides.
  • Change shape properties such as text, color, line style, and rotation.
  • Full image support--insert any GIF, BMP, JPEG, or PNG into a slide.
  • Use built-in querying capabilities to easily locate objects within a presentation.

I'll post more about some technical design of the library in coming days. It uses some open source software, including CGLIB, in interesting ways.

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