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#  New release of PNG decoding library

I've just released version 1.3 of my Java PNG decoding library. Click here for more information, including download links.

This is the first release of the library in over two years. Thankfully the number of bugs has dropped close to zero over the years, and given the need for JRE 1.1 compatibility there isn't much opportunity for refactoring.

Changes include:

  • Add new constructor that allows you to disable the automatic closing of the InputStream, useful for when a stream contains multiple images. [David Steigleite]
  • Bug fix: throws EOFException if InputStream is empty (instead of NullPointerException).
  • Remove SINGLEFRAMEDONE calls for compatibility with JDK. [Eugen Dueck]
  • Add setBuffer method to set internal pixel buffer. [Eugen Dueck]
  • Add getEverything(boolean) to allow fatal exceptions to be thrown.
  • First release via SourceForge:

The biggest change is that I've finally brought the project up-to-date with my current development practices. When I wrote the first version, in January 1998, I hadn't been exposed to SourceForge, CVS, Ant, JUnit, or almost any of the other tools I now use every day. Releases used to be a scary proposition, because I was never sure I wasn't breaking something. With these tools and practices like TDD I am much more relaxed now. Practically the only thing that hasn't changed is my use of Emacs, and for better or worse that will likely remain the case forever!

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