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December 2006
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#  TonicPoint

Update: Over the last month or two I've probably given the same in-person demo 20 times so I decided it would behoove me to make a screencast of the editor in action (Flash 8 required, sorry). It's a little rough but hopefully gets the message across.

For anyone who's curious what I've been up to the last six months, there's finally something to point to: I know, it is just some screenshots, but there really is a site hidden underneath!

Most of the site was pulling together pieces of our existing technology—PowerPoint file format I/O, PNG/PDF/SWF/SVG generation, etc. The biggest new piece of code is the editor. While it's not intended to replace PowerPoint, it nonetheless should be a showcase for how rich standards-based webapps really can be (it heavily uses SVG on browsers that support it, and eventually VML on IE). There's a lot of fodder for future posts here, so now I have no excuse not to blog. For now I will just say that MochiKit does make JavaScript suck less, but suckiness is still greater than zero.

I'll also take this time to plug the Amazon Web Services. We're currently using both S3 and EC2, which we expect will make it quite easy for us to scale up as we need to. I hope companies with the infrastructure will follow Amazon's lead—a competitive marketplace for storage and computing services would be awesome. Perhaps overly optimistically we've already structured our internal interfaces to allow us to easily switch providers [Emoticon]

p.s. I'll be at the Office 2.0 Conference next week, drop me a line if you want to meet up.

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