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June 2004
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To the three loyal readers I have out there, sorry for neglecting my blog. At least this time I have an excuse...

After my girlfriend Kate was accepted to Stanford GSB earlier this year, she quit her job and before I knew it we were leaving San Francisco for South Lake Tahoe. After a leisurely month of spring snowboarding and lounging, she left for a month-long NOLS backpacking course in the Indian Himalayas (nice pic here). Before you ask, I stayed behind to finish some Java projects, and yes her hardcoreness puts me to shame.

Now it's a bit of rest before we're off to Africa! I've never been on a safari before so it should be quite exciting. Stocking up on lots of compact flash cards and batteries, not to mention vaccinations. For those who are interested here are the tour details, and I'll attempt to post some pictures along the way, although the status of Namibia's internet cafe scene is a bit unclear.

In the meantime I have a couple of interesting Java-related announcements to make, stay tuned!

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