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$14 Steadycam
- Commons SQL
0xCAFEFEED: Colorizing Java sources in a browser using JavaScript and CSS
1 Pixel per meter
101 Free Games: The Best Free Games on the Web from
101 things you can do in Mozilla
173288 - PPT: Sample Code to Update Links in a Graph Datasheet
3D Drawing in Microsoft Office
50 greatest shooters ever
: : : WaterField Designs Online Store : : :
A Collection of JVM Options
A Fault-tolerant server in Erlang
A Few Facts Concerning GMT, UT, and the RGO
A guide to PNG optimization
A page about call/cc
A Soldier's Viewpoint on Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks
A Technique for Implementing First-Class Continuations
A Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux > OpenSearch
abcMIDI package
actions: Actions Framework
Adventure Gamers : Top 20 Adventure Games of All-Time
Adventures in PostgreSQL - Episode 2: The Joy of Index, Or: Performance as an Art Form
AFLAX: The AJAX Library for the Adobe Flash™ Platform
Alexis' SWF Reference
Alias Software
Alkulukuja Paskova Karhu
Alternative Lord of the Rings
Answer this...: Fall 2005 TV Premiere Dates
Anti-Grain Geometry - Adaptive Subdivision of Bezier Curves
Aquamacs: Emacs for Mac OS X
arenn's Software Download Page
Ashcroft - Unit Test Dominatrix
ashkelon Project Home
AWStats - Free log file analyzer for advanced web statistics (GNU GPL).
Backface Culling Using Normal Masks
Barbecue - Java barcode generator
BeanShell - Lightweight Scripting for Java
Bittorrent sites - the place where you can find all the torrents
blojsom - index
bochs The Open Source IA-32 Emulation Project (Home Page)
Brad Choate: MT-Textile
brecware Software
Bringing your Java Application to Mac OS X
Bringing your Java Application to Mac OS X
BrowserLauncher2 Main Page
Bug ID: 4772834 FileOpenService is completely broken with 3rd party look and feels
Business process automation made easy with Java, Part 1
C O R A N T E - Tech News. Filtered Daily.
C# From a Java Developer's Perspective | Products - Drop Amps
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
Chaos Strikes Back for Windows & Linux - The Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back Encyclopaedia
Cheat Sheet Roundup - Over 30 Cheatsheets for developers
CheckInstall Homepage
Checkstyle Home Page
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
CMUCL Home Page
Coda File System
Code2001 Font for Plane One!
Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer Scientists
Conference Presentation Judo
Confessions of a Wayward Academic and Would-be Propagandist
Continuous Ajax Requests —
Cooking For Engineers
copah's projects page Projects CD Reader
Crossbar an open source framework for web-based reporting applications
CS-TR-02-9: Notes on Postmodern Programming
CS-TR-02-9: Notes on Postmodern Programming
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004
Customizer 101 -White
CWalther Homepage
D Programming Language
Dan Bornstein
Daring Fireball Projects: SmartyPants
Deck Keyboards - Backlit Keyboards Built for Pure Gaming Pleasure
deployment: Project Home Page -
Developer Opportunities Using Keynote and APXL
developerWorks Linux Cultured Perl A programmer's Linux-oriented setup
Digital Blasphemy 3D wallpaper iconbundle SNAPSHOT - iconbundle
Displaying a Busy Cursor in Java
dk.brics.automaton - finite-state automata and regular expressions for Java
Dojo -
Domain Language Home
Doomsday rule
Download Infocom Interactive Fiction Games
Doxygen :: Index
DWR (Direct Web Remoting)
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Linux and Rsync
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync
Eclectic Resources - Proggy font
Eddie Kohler
EFF: DTV Liberation Front
Elkhound: A GLR Parser Generator
EMF Decoder
EMMA: a free Java code coverage tool
Enterprise Object Broker
Enterprise Object Broker
Eric Raymond's open-source collection
Errors 2000 - 2999
Evite Farewell Party (save the date)
Evolutionary Database Design
Excel File Format Information
Expert Insight - Podcast
Extensible Java Profiler Icons
Fast MD5 Implementation in Java
FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet
Fedora Myth(TV)ology :: Welcome
Fedora Myth(TV)ology :: Welcome
Feed Icons - Help establish the new standard
Filling Shapes with a Gradient Brush
Fondu -- a mac FOND reader on unix
Formatting Objects considered harmful
Franck Hernandez (page personnel)
FreeMarker - Overview
Freevo Editorials - GCC Myths and Facts
Gallery of Unicode Fonts : Play free arcade and console games online !
Gate 3 WorkClub
GDI ROP codes made easy
Gefion Software -- LiteWebServer: small, easy-to-use Java web server and web container
Generate a custom packing list for any journey
Gentoo Linux Documentation -- The complete Gentoo Linux 2.6 migration guide
GFF Format Summary: Microsoft Windows Metafile
GForge: Welcome
Gimp-Print Printer Drivers
Glen Millar Communications
GNU Trove: High performance collections for Java.
Google Answers Researcher Application
Google Map links for Unesco World Heritage Sites
Google Web APIs - Home
Graal Online
Grammatica :: C# and Java Parser Generator
Groovy : a powerful dynamically typed language for the JVM - Groovy language for the JVM
GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - FAQs & Guides - GameFAQs
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for Gameboy Advance
Hashing Concepts and the Java Programming Language Java Code for a Hash Class
HenPlus documentation
Higher-Order Perl
HiPix Public Beta Site
Home - hotwayd - POP3 to HTTPMail gateway daemon for Linux, *nix & OS-X
How to Convert PowerPoint to Flash Manually
How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Computing and Programming
How to destroy the Earth
How To Enable Dragging in SVG
How to Fly Flt. Sims
How to get that perfect shave - Today, Weekend Edition -
How to recover lost images from compact flash
How to sit at a computer
How to Write Doc Comments for the Javadoc(TM) Tool
HOWTO Setup MythTV - Gentoo-Portage Wiki
I'm picking up some abnormal interference...
I, Cringely - Resigning - How to Resign with Style and Dignity
Installwatch home page
Integer Hash Function
Introducing JSON
Irving St. / Outer Sunset Food Map
Is Beauty Only Pixel Deep, Part 1
ivt2html, convert ivt files to html
Jacob Balazer's ATSC Stream Tools
Jakarta BSF - Bean Scripting Framework
Jamaica: The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Macro Assembler
Janino -- an Embedded Java[TM] Compiler
Jar Bundler Ant Task
Jaskell - Home
Jason Pell's Pages - Programming (Java,C,PHP)
Java Binary Enhancement Tool
Java Development Environment for Emacs
Java Development Guide for Mac OS X
Java Development Guide for Mac OS X: Java Deployment Options for Mac OS X
Java is Doomed
Java PictDraw
Java User Groups: Browser Technology Pointers
Java's <i>new</i> Considered Harmful
java-pack200-ant-task: Home Interaction Happens: Thinking Graphically Java Sketchbook: Digging into Java Web Start Java Sketchbook: Getting Started with Java Web Start Make Your Swing App Go Native, Part 3 Robotics: Using Lego Mindstorms and Java
Java2HTML - Software
JavaGroups - The JavaGroups Project
JavaNCSS - A Source Measurement Suite for Java
Javascript Calendar Example by Lea Smart
JavaScript: A Survey of the Language
JavaScriptTemplates - TrimPath - Trac
JavaScriptTemplates - TrimPath - Trac
jay is games - jay bibby reviews flash games and gameplay
jdic: SaverBeans Screensaver SDK Readme
Jeremy Wagstaff's LOOSE wire: A Directory Of Programs Designed For USB Drives
JForum - Powering Communities
JFreeChart 0.9.3 - Servlet / JSP Enhancements
JGoodies :: Forms
JLense Application Framework - Home
John McGowan's AVI Overview: Programming and Other Technical Topics
JPublish Documentation
JRat the Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit
JReversePro - Java Decompiler / Disassembler home page
JRobin :: RRDTool Choice for the Java World :: Welcome to JRobin
JSAN - Home
JSci - A science API for Java
jslint: The JavaScript Verifier
Junkbusters Anti-Telemarketing Script
Kai's SpamShield (TM)
Kanex Opened Mind
Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway
Kinesis Ergo
KOrinoco - a client manager Public TV Digital TV Current Broadcasts
Launch4j :: Cross-platform Java application wrapper for creating Windows native executables
Launch4j :: Cross-platform Java application wrapper for creating Windows native executables
Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same markup and ready for download!
LDBC Liberty Database Connectivity
Links home page
Linux Boot Scripts
Linux From Scratch
Linux HTPC Howto
Linux Incompatibility List
Linux NTFS Project
Linux1394 Introduction
Little Fluffy Industries: Free Online Games Daily
LocustWorld The Information Revolution!!!
Luntbuild - automate and manage your builds
LWN: The Grumpy Editor's guide to terminal emulators
LyX - The Document Processor
M A B - Mozilla Amazon Browser
Mac OS X JarBundler ANT Task
madbean » Blog Archive » The Spuddy Show
Maildir to Gmail Loader
Mailing List Archive - MythTV
Mailing List Archive: Re: F key for adjustments not working
Main Page - OpenFormula
map of springfield
Marbles A Network Application Framework
Martin Fowler: Articles
Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math FAQ: Dividing by Zero
math symbols - a whatis definition - see also: Mathematical Symbols, Fast Reference for Mathematical Symbols
MEDLINEplus Medical Encyclopedia: Fluorescein angiography -
MeRWiN's Ringtone Search
Microsoft Globalization Step-by-Step
Microsoft Windows Media - WMV HD Content Showcase
MicroSpring, a Sping Framework IOC container
mod_pubsub Project Home
mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet - Cheat Sheets -
Motion-Twin - books: /chapters/index
Mozilla's DOCTYPE sniffing
MS Excel viewer: direct and fast xls file processing
MS-Word is {Not} a document exchange format
MythTV and Gentoo GNU/Linux
Nathan Brick Artist
Navel JavaBean Introspection
NetHack 3.4.3: Guidebook for NetHack 3.4
New San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California Digital Television Channels
NewsMonster - News
No More Popup Ads
NSIS -- I Webserve, Therefore I Am
O'Reilly Network The CSS Anarchist's Cookbook [Jul. 21, 2000]
Object Hierarchy and Inheritance in JavaScript
Octopull - Exceptional Java
Octree Color Quantization
OfficeLnFs - Microsoft Office XP & 2003 Look and Feels for Java Swing
OLE Objects and Charts saved in earlier versions appearing flipped/inverted in PowerPoint 2002 or later Internationalization, Part 2 Parsing and Writing QuickTime Files in Java Peeking Inside the Box: Attribute-Oriented Programming with Java 1.5, Part 1 [Jun. 30, 2004] Tips for Scripting Java with Jython [Mar. 27, 2002] Top Ten New Things You Can Do with NIO [Oct. 02, 2002]
OOP Criticism
opendocument-users archives
OpenGFS - keeping it free
OpenOffice SVG Import
OpenSymphony - Clickstream
OpenXML Developer
Opium Made Easy (Harper's, April 1, 1997)
Overview (JUnit-addons v1.1)
Paint.NET - Home
Par 1.52 - paragraph reformatter
PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Winter 1992
Parser v1.0 Downloads [Home]
Password Safe
PatternTesting - What is PatternTesting?
pcHDTV Exegesis 3 [Oct. 03, 2001]
Picons Frequently Asked Questions
PixelBlocks: Home
Planet Classpath
PNG: The Definitive Guide (Online Version)
PokerSource: poker hand evaluator and more
Porrasturvat - Stair Dismount
PPTools -- Power tools for PowerPoint - PowerPoint Add-ins / Plug-ins
PPTools -- What does Prep4PDF do for me?
Products -- VMware Workstation 4
Pure Pwnage - Episodes
Puzzle World
Python and Jelly: Scripting Power for Java and XML
QDox Attributes
Raster Operation Codes
rdesktop A Remote Desktop Protocol client
Re [dom4j-dev] Easier namespace xpath handling
Re: [ivtv-devel] [PATCH] Add support for TCL 2002N/LG TAPE tuners
ReasonablyClever.Com Christopher Doyle Presents the Mini-Mizer!
RECODER Homepage
Rhino - JavaScript for Java
RightMark Audio Analyzer
Roguelikes for PalmOS
Roman's NuppelVideo Homepage
Root Beer
RoundCube Webmail Project
Runtime code generation in JVM and CLR
Russell Beattie Notebook » Motorola RAZR V3 Power User’s Guide
Salve tibi hospes
Search Tools - Information, Guides and News Java::Build - a family of modules which you can use instead of Ant
Seaside - Your Enlightened Guide to Airplane Seating
Seek You Too Softwarestudio en Extreme Programming Coaches
Sending Messages to Other Applets
Simple 2.4
SimpleBits | Web Standards Solutions
SkyscraperCity Forums - powered by vBulletin
Slim Devices : Squeezebox : WiFi for your HiFi!
Smiley Lore -)
Softsqueeze (Version 0.5)
Sorting Algorithms
sorttable: Make all your tables sortable Project Info - TNEF
Spades Strategy
SPARK - SVG Programmers Application Resource Kit
Steady State SVGFont
StormLogic, LLC's MythTV Store
Stow - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Streaming Transformations for XML
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Stuffed nose | words are pretty
subModal DHTML Modal Dialog / Modal Window Test Page
Susan Kare User Interface Graphics
SVG playing cards - Welcome!
system log
Tags Property -- PowerPoint 2003 VBA Language Reference
Tammi Site - Welcome!
Tempest for Eliza
The abc home page
The Acaeum
The Annotated XML Specification
The Big Jewel | Stem Cell Research: Pro Or Profane?
The Cityscape Project
The Dbunit Framework - Home
The Digital Bits - Home Page
The Empire That Was Russia The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic
The Empire That Was Russia The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated (A Library of Congress Exhibition)
The Face Header
The Free State Project - Liberty in Our Lifetime!
The GUI Gallery
The Home Page of Randal L. Schwartz at Sun Jul 29 022405 2001
The Jarpend Project
The JavaMaildir homepage
The Kingdom of Loathing
The Linux Game Tome
The Memory Hole [rescuing knowledge, freeing information]
The Memory Management Reference
The Mineralarians
The Most Officialest SkiFree Home Page
The no-framework PHP MVC framework - Rasmus' Toys Page
The Object-Oriented Numerics Page
The Programmers Stone
The Purifier1 Project Home Page
The Scheme Programming Language, 2nd Edition
The Shmoo Group
The Spamex Disposable Email Address Service. Protection from spam, anonymous email, and much, much more.
The TrueType Font File (Apple)
The vaio pcg-c1ve page on
The Weather Pixie:
The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press
The Yngvi Project
Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About
this WEEK in TECH
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
Tile World
Tiltboys Home Page
Timing is Everything
Tinfoil Hat Linux
TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor by Moxiecode Systems AB
Tips for LDAP Users
TN2073: Deconstructing a Keynote Document: Part One - Slides
To Rule the Earth...
TOKYO DAMAGE REPORT: japan, punk, hentai, engrish, goth, robot, kogal, otaku, shibuya, harajuku, schultz, fetchi, etc.
TOM BIHN = Laptop Bags + Laptop Backpacks + Laptop Cases
Tom Murphy 7's Invincible Web Page
Toms Home Page
Tor: an anonymizing overlay network for TCP
TortoiseCVS - About
TTW Editor Widgets
TurboDbAdmin, presented by TurboAjax Group : Java Regular expression library benchmarks
TuxNES Themed Fonts Movie and Music Fonts
Ultimate Sports Adventure!
Uncle Bear : A Different Kind of Roleplayer's Site
Unicode fonts and tools for X11
Unicode Mutt
UnixTree - XTree alike filemanager for Unix / Linux
urlrewrite: UrlRewriteFilter - Rewrite URL's in Java Web Application Servers
UWYN Drone
UWYN Drone
v4l cvs snapshots
Vacation War Driving
Version Control with Subversion
Video Game Maps -
ViewCVS: Viewing CVS Repositories
Viridian Note 00325 Open Source Speech
Virtual AGC Home Page
Vischeck About Vischeck :
Watch Live internet TV broadcasts.
WAVE File Format
Wave Files - The Sonic Spot
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
WebHome - Cookbook - s c h e m a t i c s : c o o k b o o k
Weka 3 - Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Software in Java
Welcome to FWD! / FWD - FWD
Welcome to the Kingdom of Ikros
Welcome to Tonic Systems
What About Flash? Can We Really Make Games With It?
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic
Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw
Windows Metafiles, guide for non-windows programmers
Windows Tray Icon with JAVA!
WinJab Client
Writing Firefox/Thunderbird Extensions About Us
XAPool - an XA Connection Pool
xmlhack: James Clark unveils a new XML mode for GNU Emacs
XPath Explorer
XTree Fan Page : Everything About the Legendary XTREE File Manager
XXL: eXtensible and fleXible Library
Yahoo! Groups HDTV-in-SFbay
Yahoo! Groups : chips_challenge
Yahoo! Groups : java-spec-report Messages : 802-831 of 831
YAML Ain't Markup Language
YAWC Pro - Welcome to YAWC Pro
YourKit Java Profiler Forums :: View topic - Profiler 4.5 EAP build 602 on Mac OS 10.4/Java 1.5.0 - The Offical Home Of Zelda Classic
ZEN-STYLE | Fool's World Map
ZZZ online Latest number
[Filelight] Recursive graphical display of disk usage
[strike out]
Computer Security
  AirSnort Homepage
AntiSniff - News
Counterpane Crypto-Gram
Diceware Passphrase Home Page
PuTTY a free Win32 telnet-ssh client
The WWW Security FAQ
  Tinfoil Hat Linux
Fundamentals - The Relational Model - Pal's Linux RDBMS Library
The Process of Database Refactoring
Email / Spam Prevention
Active Spam Killer (ASK)
cloudmark home
Gmane -- GNU Mail To News And Back Again
mbx2mbox homepage
Online X-Face Converter DNSBL Lookup - Mail Filtering with MailAudit [Jul. 17, 2001] - Stopping Spam with SpamAssassin [Mar. 06, 2002]
Roaring Penguin Software (MIMEDefang)
SourceForge Project Info - Denoser
SpamAssassin Welcome to SpamAssassin
Atari ST Emulator Written in Java
BoycottAdvance, the Nintendo Gameboy Advance Emulator
EMU News Service
GameBoy Programming For Beginners
Java ZX Spectrum Emulator
LGD - For Atari ST Games, Reviews, Demos, Music, Downloads,
MAME - The official Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator site
Return to Chaos
snes9x Super Nintendo Emulator
Welcome to
WinSTon Official Homepage
Fonts that support Unicode
The FreeType Project
TrueType Typography
[DIVIDE BY ZERO] Fonts Free TrueType Fonts
Microsoft's TrueType core fonts on linux
Analysis of DVD ContentsScrambling System
Creative Commons
Cryptome In
EFF Homepage
Free as in Freedom Table of Contents
Gallery of CSS Descramblers
OpenNIC Democratic Name System
Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
VCRPlus Controller Code Algorithm Explained
Welcome to the Anti-DMCA Website
Freedom from Microsoft
  Inter Office Suite Collaboration
LAOLA Homepage, Sep-23-97
Microsoft Office 97 Drawing File Format
Microsoft's TrueType core fonts on linux
NTLM auth module for Apache-Unix
  Offline NT pw & reg-editor, bootdisk
  POI File Format
Q239653 - INFO Support for the Microsoft Office Binary File Formats
rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client
Sverre H. Huseby - Patches
The Chicago Project Homepage
The Graphics File Format Page (2D specs)
Wotsit's Format - The programmer's file formats and data formats resource.
Functional Programming
How to Design Programs
Project Schematics
RTML Reference
Welcome to the SICP Web Site
XEXPR - XML Expression Language
Advance Projects
Blue's News -- Welcome!
BZFlag Home Page
Card Games
Card Games Rummy Games
DooM Legacy Home Site
  GGZ Gaming Zone
Halcyon Days
  Hearts for KDE
Infocom - The Master Storytellers
  Java on the Brain
NetHack - Falcon's Eye
NetHack 3.4.0 Home Page
Online Cardgame System homepage
Rules of Card Games Big Two
Scott Adams Grand Adventures (S.A.G.A.)
  SourceForge: Project Info - kbigtwo
The Authoritative Minesweeper
The Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back Encyclopaedia - Entrance
The Unofficial Gameboy Tetris Home Page
Graphics cool icons for windows users
  ImageInfo - Java class to extract image properties
  Java developer page - Demo Scene
  Jpegpixi - JPEG pixel interpolator
Focus Electronic Co., Ltd. - FK-2001 mechanical keyboard
Home Theater Computers (HTPC)
A really easy way to make top quality audio-video cables.
ALive! (soundblaster forum)
AVS Forum - by the fanatics for the fanatics!
dTV -- TV & Video Deinterlacer
DVD Demystified
HDTVtoMPEG2 Home Page
HiPix 3 Public Beta Site
Readme epid - ATSC program eraser
The firmware page
[H]ardForum - powered by vBulletin
See Also: Hardware
  Internationalize JSP-based Websites
See Also: Fonts
Fonts that support Unicode
  Java Guru Is there is some kind of j2ee compliant way of doing user authentication and role-assignment - are there any stand
  Java(TM) Authentication and Authorization Service J2EE Form-based Authentication [Jun. 12, 2002]
  The SecurityFilter Project Home Page
  Using JAAS for Authorization and Authentication
  Accessing Java from JavaScript
Doc JavaScript - JavaScript Tutorials, JavaScript Tips, and JavaScript Tools
Laptop (Sony r505)
  Linux on Laptops
Sony Computing Support PCG-R505TEK-R505TSK - Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN PictureBook Solutions
  Yahoo! Groups sony505
Linux/Unix Software
  Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  CheapBytes Home Page
  Fing Small Panel
  Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
  Information ROX Desktop
  Linux From Scratch
  Linux Standard Base
  Lynx Information
  serel - fast boot software
  Surfraw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web
  TCPDUMP public repository
  The Slackware Linux Project
  XFce - XFce Desktop Environment
AirSnort Homepage
Tinfoil Hat Linux
TightVNC Enhanced VNC Distribution
Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  Class Template
Networking & System Administration
802.11b weblog
  InterMezzo File System Home
IP Masq & TrinityOS
  Linux & Wireless LANs
  Linux VPN Masquerade
Masq Applications
Rosetta Stone for Unix
The Network Administrators' Guide
The Official Adminspotting Page
  The Wavelan IEEE
  TightVNC Enhanced VNC Distribution
wvInfo, Information and Links
AirSnort Homepage
AntiSniff - News
News and Reference
Ain't It Cool News
Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football Online Statistics Databases
Center for Natural Units
Common Errors in English
Definitions of the SI units The binary prefixes
Food Safety Education Cold Storage Chart
Google Groups
Google Press Center Zeitgeist
MEDLINEplus Medical Encyclopedia Brachial plexopathy
NIST Handbook
The Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Typing Injury FAQ Home Page
Welcome to CanonicalTomes
Yahoo! - News
Yahoo! News - Most-emailed content
nms - web scripts written by experts
Perl 6 Development
Prefork-Compressed Proxy Server (Randal L. Schwartz) - Mail Filtering with MailAudit [Jul. 17, 2001] - Stopping Spam with SpamAssassin [Mar. 06, 2002]
SpamAssassin Welcome to SpamAssassin
LAOLA Homepage, Sep-23-97
See Also: Web Hosting
Robotcop - robots.txt It's the Law
Visualizing your traffic flow (Randal L. Schwartz)
Burn All Gifs!
MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) Home Page
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Site
PNG Metadata Format Specification
PNG transparency test
PngSuite - the official set of PNG test images
The sng home page
Programming Tools
  Apache Ant in Anger
Checkstyle Home Page
  Clean Imports
  CUP Parser Generator for Java
  dmoz - Java Code Beautifiers
GNU Source-highlight - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  Jalopy Java Source Code Formatter Beautifier Pretty Printer
  JCSC - Java Coding Standard Checker
  jEdit - Open Source programmer's text editor
  JEP - Java Math Expression Parser
  JFlex - The Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java
  JLex - A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java
  JUnit best practices
  JVMDI Code Coverage Analyser for Java
  NoUnit - Measure your JUnit Test Coverage and Effectiveness - Java XML Extreme Programming
Project Home Page
  XDoclet documentation
  Zaval Java Resource Editor
Arstechnica Cookbook of Bachelor Chow
Big Matt's Audio Table of Contents
Cookie - Cookie Recipes
Daily Zen Meditation
Fixed Width Days - an ascii-art story
genex's In-N-Out Burger Secret Menu
Hero Machine
In Search of Giant Squid
Jargon File Resources
Rounds Waka Waka Bang Splat
Simple Holography
Solar System Simulator
StarWars Asciimation
The MegaPenny Project Index Page
The Periodic Table
User Friendly
Yesterland, the Discontinued Disneyland
[ .. wu riddles(intro) ..]
Diceware Passphrase Home Page
Reporting Frameworks
  JasperReports - Documentation
  The JGraph Project Home Page
Bart's page about ASPI
Bitrate Calculator
CDmage - The Definitive DVD Backup Resource
Experiences with TiVo MPEG video under Linux
Hinsdale How-to TiVo upgrade
HOWTO Telnet on 3.0 without re-opening the TiVo - TiVo Community Forum
Karin - Open Source Automatic Commercial Deletion
PitouDistro - TiVo to SVCD Capture Guide
Serial Displays LCD VFD from Matrix Orbital
Tivo Programs
VirtualDub - [home page]
Cobra Command
Eric Harshbarger's LEGO pages
JP Brown's Serious LEGO
Robot Toys
Science Toys
Solving Rubik's Cube for Speed
star wars
Zobovor's Transformers Television Encyclopedia
Air Courier Association has cheap,inexpensive,low cost airline tickets discounted air fares and courier flights for around the
Air Courier Travel
AIR COURIER TRAVEL International Association of Air Travel Couriers
Airline Ticket Consolidators and Bucket Shops FAQ
Bitter Root Travel Gear
FAQ Air Traveler's Handbook 2-4 [Monthly posting]
IAATC Air Courier Travel Home Page
International Student Travel Confederation
Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations and Information
Let's Go Online
Lonely Planet on-line
The Internet Guide to Hostelling (tm)
Web Design
A List Apart CSS Making Alternate Style Sheets Work
A List Apart For People Who Make Websites
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
CSS Bugs and Workarounds
CSS Layouts -
How do they do that with HTML? - web design training, books, videos and tips
Open Source Web Design
text sizing - up the garden path
Tomalak's Realm Daily Links to Strategic Web Design News Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
Web Hosting
Analog WWW logfile analysis
AWStats - Free log file analyzer for advanced web statistics (GNU GPL).
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
Extended Log File Format
Home of The Webalizer
Robotcop - robots.txt It's the Law
  Sloppy - the slow proxy
The Web Robots Pages
Visualizing your traffic flow (Randal L. Schwartz)
Export a Word Document to XML
Provide Remote Assistance When Using a NAT Device
Really Slick Screensavers
PuTTY a free Win32 telnet-ssh client
Offline NT pw & reg-editor, bootdisk
  Alex Chaffee's Purple Technology XPath Explorer
diffxml - XML Diff and Patch Utilities
  dom4j the flexible XML framework for Java
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Conformance Test Suites
Free XML tools and software
Namespaces in XML
  Piccolo XML Parser for Java
  SAX - The Simple API for XML
The Simplified DocBook Document Type
XML Path Language (XPath)
Zvon - RFC index
XEXPR - XML Expression Language